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Live Throwing Copper

Track ListingSide AThe Dam At Otter CreekSelling The DramaI AloneIrisSide BLightning CrashesTopAll Over YouShit TowneT.B.D.Side CStageWaitressPillar O...
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Mudhoney Lie

TracklistingSide AFuzz GunGet Into YoursPoisoned WaterThe Final CourseWhat To Do With The NeutralI'm NowSide BJudgement Rage Retribution And ThymeI Li...
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Nirvana - In Utero

Track ListingServe The ServantsScentless ApprenticeHeart Shaped BoxRape MeFrances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On SeattleDumbVery ApeMilk ItPennyroyal...
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Nirvana Nevermind

Track ListingSide ASmells Like Teen SpiritIn BloomCome As You AreBreedLithium PollySide BTerritorial PissingsDrain YouLounge ActStay AwayOn A PlainSom...
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Pearl Jam Ten

Track ListingSide AOnceEven FlowAliveWhy GoBlackJeremySide BOceansPorchGardenDeepReleaseOriginally Released In 1991
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Pearl Jam Vs

Track ListingSide AGoAnimalDaughterGlorified GDissidentW.M.A.Side BBloodRearviewmirrorRatsElderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small TownLeashIndiffe...
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Pearl Jam Yield

Track ListingSide ABrain JFaithfullNo WayGiven To FlyWishlistPilateSide BDo The Evolution*MFCLow LightIn HidingPush Me Pull MeAll Those YesterdaysOrig...
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Pearl jam

Track ListingSide ALife WastedWorld Wide SuicideComatoseSevered HandSide BMarker In The SandParachutesUnemployableBig WaveSide BGoneWasted RepriseArmy...
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